1. Julia & Will’s Lyman Estate Wedding

    2022-02-18 19:28:00 UTC
    I could speak at length about how lovely Julia and Will are.  I’m thankful we’ve stayed in touch since their wedding in 2019 and I love following along on the adventures of their greyhound (also maybe a banana) on social media - this is the best part of my job…

  2. Korinne & Ryan’s St Lucia Wedding

    2022-02-09 18:47:00 UTC
    I admittedly have warm weather on the brain this time of year but today is Korinne and Ryan’s 4 year anniversary and a perfect day to share images from their amazing St. Lucia destination wedding.  After 2 years of the pandemic this experience of plane travel, tropical beaches, and unmasked…

  3. Documentary Family Photography

    2021-08-10 16:01:00 UTC
    Friends are so important.  In life always, but especially for Teddy and I since we are a tiny family of 2 (+the animals) and we often lead a pretty solitary life which was obviously majorly compounded by the pandemic.  Our friends Jess, Mike, and their 4 kids live in Columbus…

  4. Nantasket Beach Family Photography

    2021-07-26 15:29:00 UTC
    Summer, family, hugs, smiles, and the sea - this shoot was pure magic.  Much love to my buddies from high school who made this session happen, what a treat this was.   Interested in capturing your family’s love and personality now that you can all safely be together?  Get in touch…

  5. Tanya & Kalim’s Downtown Boston Wedding

    2021-04-15 17:45:14 UTC
    Today is One Boston Day, a day dedicated to remembering the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing 8 years ago while spreading love and kindness in our city and beyond.  While thinking of my wonderful city I remembered Tanya and Kalim’s 2018 wedding that just oozed quintessential Boston beauty and…

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