1. Sarah + Tim | A Boston City Hall Elopement

    2023-10-05 21:18:46 UTC
    Don’t listen to the haters, Boston City Hall is actually an amazing building and one of my favorite places to photograph super lovely elopements like this one with Sarah and Tim.  This day had perfect pockets of light, pops of color, giggles & glances, a patch of trees in the…

  2. Family Photos at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park | Chestnut Hill Family Photography

    2023-09-21 18:29:56 UTC
    Why should you invest a full photo-session instead of a short mini-session once in the Fall?  Well, for lots of reasons, but primarily because when I have more time I use it to PLAY with your family and make it a unique and fun experience that you all have together…

  3. The Harveys | Nantasket Beach Family Photography

    2023-08-15 20:06:50 UTC
    One of the things I like best about how I experience life is that I find delight in the everyday things, experiences, and moments that we have each day.  The taste of a perfectly ripe tomato,  the feeling of a nubby shell in my hand, the light pattern on a…

  4. Jenna & Theo | Brookline Family Photography

    2023-08-08 17:13:32 UTC
    Motherhood has shaped my life more significantly than any other force in my lifetime.  If you’re a parent, you understand this.  As I get older, and more poignantly as my son gets older and grows away from me, I continue to feel this ever more deeply.   In celebration of all…

  5. Nauset Lighthouse Family Photography

    2023-07-26 18:13:00 UTC
    As the mother of 13 year old who wants to buy EVERYTHING he sees you can often find me delivering soliloquies about the excesses of capitalism and how the planet is drowning in stuff we don’t actually need.  While I’m not quite a minimalist, I absolutely think that money spent…

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