Jackie & Thomas | Roundhouse Wedding Photography

I look at people in love for a living (what an amazing job this is, side note), and Thomas and Jackie are two of the most genuinely smitten people I’ve had the pleasure to know.  The little flirty looks they sneak, the ease of their body language, the deep belly laughs they give each other, and the face-cracking smiles they can’t help when they’re together: their love is just amazing.  Unsurprisingly then, their wedding was a huge celebration of their love, their families, their Mothers who are no longer with us, their struggles, their triumphs, and their groups of friends that span many years and states.  These are simply great people and as always it was a huge honor to be there - I photographed Jackie’s sister’s wedding at the start of COVID and I can confidently say that love and warmth run deep in this family.  Also more first looks in bathtubs, please! And finally, Thomas’ brother literally shoving tissues in his eye holes to stop the happy tears is one of my all-time favorite wedding moments.  What a legend.

Roundhouse Wedding photography

Thomas is an accomplished mixed-media artist and photographer himself.  His work is at http://www.thomasraywillis.com/

and finally, huge thanks to Masao Okano of Amara Photo for being my second photographer, perfect complement to my vision, and stalwart source of conversation and friendship.

Venue: The Roundhouse Beacon NY

Florist: Heart & Soil

Band: Atomic Funk Project

Beauty: Julie Occhino Beauty

Officiant: Alice Soloway

Grateful, always.

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