1. On (a lack of) photo session stress!

    28 Jul 2022
    Many years ago I moved away from trying to capture the perfectly-smiling-perfectly-coiffed-perfectly-looking-at-the-camera photos. It was just too stressful for everyone involved.  The parents were worried their kids wouldn’t behave, I worried I wouldn’t get that perfect shot, and the kids were like WTF is actually happening and why and please…

  2. An Arnold Arboretum Engagement

    06 Jul 2022
    Anyone who spends time in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston knows that the light in there is truly special.  The way it filters through the trees and illuminates these little pockets of magic is really something else.  I was so excited to stick  Erin + Yaro in those magic spots…

  3. A Boston Waterfront Engagement

    06 Apr 2022
    The photographer in me geeks out over the two incredibly tight and very distinct color palettes of this Boston engagement session.  The human in me geeks out over how well-suited to each other TC and Alex seem to be.  They just flow and fit together so effortlessly and it made…

  4. A Mountaintop Engagement

    19 Mar 2022
    A hike, gorgeous people, a little peak of the sunrise AND an amazing dog?  Sign me up!  I’m an experienced hiker and back-country lover and available for mountain elopements and mountain engagement sessions in the White Mountains and beyond - I’m down for any wild idea, get in touch! …

  5. Family Pricing 2022

    10 Mar 2022
    I could essentially talk forever about how much my family photography means to me.  While I thrive in the fast-paced atmosphere of weddings, my family photography touches my nostalgic Mama heart in a really special way.  I hope my Family Photography Guide, below, helps to convey how much this work…

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