Meet the Team

Korri (she/her)

Single super-Mom, passionate artist, tireless business owner, aspiring triathlete, and terrible but enthusiastic dancer.  Always down for a sing-a-long, political debate, or delicious meal.

Likes: strong coffee, hot sauce on everything, long swims, Kennedy family history, all of the music, and perfect high-fives.

Dislikes: Phil Collins, jerks.

Teddy (he/dude)

Much cooler than his mother, bookworm, aspiring pro BMX rider, terrible but enthusiastic dancer.  

Likes: going to the skatepark, learning about space, playing drums, hamburgers.

Dislikes: homework, wearing shoes, vegetables.

Robert Francis (he/good boy)

Resident studio dog.  Part lab, part greyhound, all crazy.  He inexplicably sneezes uncontrollably whenever he gets excited or meets new friends.

Likes: chasing tennis balls, chewing on antlers, naps.

Dislikes: the vacuum, lawn ornaments, trash cans.

Eunice (she/good girl)

The OG pet of the family.  Often hinders Korri's productivity by sitting directly on the computer keyboard.

Likes: bacon, staring at the fish tank, laser pointers, sleeping on your face.

Dislikes: Rob.

He is my "why"

When Teddy chose me to be his Mama, everything changed.  I became more patient, more kind, more silly, more giving and WAY more aware of how fleeting and special our lives truly are.  As I grew as a mother I also grew as an artist and every day I seek to capture the love, laughter, and human connection that make up our lives.  When you invite me to photograph your life you are directly supporting my efforts to give this boy a safe and magical childhood - I'm so grateful for him, and for you.

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