1. Jacqueline & Bobby | Boston Proposal Photography

    2023-06-16 13:47:00 UTC
    I have known Bobby for over 10 years so I was thrilled to be asked to be a small part of his Boston proposal.  I arrived early with my son as a decoy and hung around the Charlestown Navy Yard until Bobby got down on one knee for his wonderful…

  2. June vibes | Boston Portrait Photographer

    2023-06-05 16:54:00 UTC
    Thinking about warmer weather, blue skies, crisp ocean breezes, fragrant flowers, and as always love, smiles, hugs, and silliness.  As we move into the summer I’m so excited to photograph more wonderful families and couples in a radically authentic and creative way.  Not sure how to begin to book your…

  3. Newborn Twin Photography Boston

    2023-04-10 14:49:00 UTC
    I remember close to nothing about my son Teddy’s first few months of life.  As a single Mom who: didn’t have a lot of help, was crashing with family until I could get my own place, and unknowingly had boobs that weren’t working and thus a starving newborn who was…

  4. Cambridge Family Photography

    2023-02-09 18:42:00 UTC
    When I saw the light patterns on the wall, I gasped.  and this family absolutely SHOWED UP.  What a day. Let’s get weird like this. Spring is coming, let’s play!  Get on my calendar -

  5. Crane Beach Family Photography

    2022-11-08 18:22:00 UTC
    Sure, I’ll ask you smile at the camera but I’ll also hold space for you to laugh, hug, tickle, run, jump, and smoosh (aggressive smooshing is a new favorite prompt of mine).  As always I’m deeply grateful for the families who return to work with me year after year, often…

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