Newborn Twin Photography Boston

I remember close to nothing about my son Teddy’s first few months of life.  As a single Mom who: didn’t have a lot of help, was crashing with family until I could get my own place, and unknowingly had boobs that weren’t working and thus a starving newborn who was crying all the time I was…overwhelmed.  So while the somewhat extreme conditions of Teddy’s newborn phase definitely impacted my ability to retain memories I also know that time simply flies and memories fade.  Teddy is turning 13 this year (how!) and so much of those early months and years are a total blur.  So I absolutely cannot imagine how hard it must be to remember all the perfect details of TWIN babies! Double the smiles (double the cries) double the laughter (double the chaos). It seems doubly overwhelming and extra hard to keep track of it all.   

What will you remember of your newborn’s first few weeks?  How will you remember?  I can help.

Parents care for newborn twins reclining on a couch
A mother and father each hold a newborn twin in Boston
Boston newborn twins lay besides each other in matching cribs
A mother kisses the heads of her newborn twins held by their father
Parents snuggle and smile at their newborn twins
A mother smiles and leans over her newborn twin laying on a bed.
Newborn twins lay on their backs and look up at the camera
A newborn twin lays on a changing table while a cat rubs on her father's legs
A father holds their newborn twin daughter in a doorway while his wife holds their newborn son in another room down the hall
Parents laugh and smile while holding their newborn twins on a bed
Parents laugh and smile while their newborn twins cry on their laps
Newborn twins cry while laying on their parents' lap
A father holds his newborn twin daughter while a mother in the foreground holds her newborn twin son
Parents snuggle their newborn twins while sitting on their bed
Parents snuggle their newborn twins while reclining on their bed and smiling at the camera
Parents snuggle their newborn twins while reclining on their bed and playing with their cats
Parents smile and snuggle with their newborn twins on their bed
Parents stand in a window holding their newborn twins and snuggle and smile for the camera

I can’t imagine two better  parents to take on the glorious challenge of twins than these two.  Simply an amazing family that I’m so grateful to know.  A huge thank you to one of my favorite friends Jen who introduced me to this Mama - she knew we’d hit it off.  Strong Mamas run the world.

Contact me to schedule your own in home newborn session!  I recommend shooting 3 weeks after bebe is scheduled to arrive and I book about 2 months in advance so don’t hesitate.  I can’t wait to help you remember. 

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