1. Documentary Family Photography

    2021-08-10 16:01:00 UTC
    Friends are so important.  In life always, but especially for Teddy and I since we are a tiny family of 2 (+the animals) and we often lead a pretty solitary life which was obviously majorly compounded by the pandemic.  Our friends Jess, Mike, and their 4 kids live in Columbus…

  2. Nantasket Beach Family Photography

    2021-07-26 15:29:00 UTC
    Summer, family, hugs, smiles, and the sea - this shoot was pure magic.  Much love to my buddies from high school who made this session happen, what a treat this was.   Interested in capturing your family’s love and personality now that you can all safely be together?  Get in touch…

  3. Tanya & Kalim’s Downtown Boston Wedding

    2021-04-15 17:45:14 UTC
    Today is One Boston Day, a day dedicated to remembering the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing 8 years ago while spreading love and kindness in our city and beyond.  While thinking of my wonderful city I remembered Tanya and Kalim’s 2018 wedding that just oozed quintessential Boston beauty and…

  4. Greta & Justin’s Lanam Club Wedding

    2021-03-04 16:33:00 UTC
    Greta & Justin’s 2016 Lanam Club wedding remains one of the most emotional celebrations I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.  The bride and groom are both very close with their parents and families and that love overflowed throughout the entire day.  I still think of their parent dances a few…

  5. Allen Hill Tree Farm Weddings

    2021-02-19 17:59:00 UTC
    Next in my series of favorite New England venues is Allen Hill Tree Farm in Brooklyn Connecticut.  A working Christmas Tree Farm, the Allen Hill  grounds  are full of awesome locations for photos.  The apple orchard and christmas tree field both make taking a bad photo almost impossible.  The red…

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