1. Nauset Lighthouse Family Photography

    2023-07-26 18:13:00 UTC
    As the mother of 13 year old who wants to buy EVERYTHING he sees you can often find me delivering soliloquies about the excesses of capitalism and how the planet is drowning in stuff we don’t actually need.  While I’m not quite a minimalist, I absolutely think that money spent…

  2. The Barn at the Crane Estate | Wedding Day Details

    2023-07-17 19:58:00 UTC
    The Barn at Castle Hill, down the literal hill from The Crane Estate, looks like something out of a fairy tale.  On the day of M + J’s wedding, the morning rain clouds cleared and it was nothing but sunshine and smiles (and some happy tears) for the rest of…

  3. Nikki, Matt & Wilson | Arnold Arboretum Engagement Photography

    2023-06-30 15:24:00 UTC
    I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more: the Arnold Arboretum is easily one of the best locations for engagement photos in the city of Boston. Yes, I live close by and am here a few days a week for a shoot, run, or dog…

  4. Cape Cod Summer | Truro Family Photography

    2023-06-23 18:14:15 UTC
    Summer is the perfect time for extended family portraits!   When planning your summer family vacation set aside an hour on one evening to get beautiful photos with your family, your siblings and their families, and your parents/the grandparents.  Its an amazing way to capture those summer memories (in beautiful summer…

  5. Jacqueline & Bobby | Boston Proposal Photography

    2023-06-16 13:47:00 UTC
    I have known Bobby for over 10 years so I was thrilled to be asked to be a small part of his Boston proposal.  I arrived early with my son as a decoy and hung around the Charlestown Navy Yard until Bobby got down on one knee for his wonderful…

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