Mount Success Plane Crash Hike

Teddy and I hiked Mount Success for a final summer adventure before the start of his remote school year.  This has obviously been an exceedingly tough year for our country and world and spending time in the mountains, and my sweet boy, are the two things that have kept me (relatively) sane.  

Mount Success  (3565 ft) is part of the rugged Mahoosuc Range that extends Northeast into Maine.   This area is fairly remote compared to many of the more heavily trafficked mountains in the Whites and we had the trail to ourselves on a stunningly beautiful day - a rare treat.  After completing the Outlook loop to insanely awesome views and then reaching the summit we continued on to a section of the Appalachian Trial to find the site of a plane that crashed in 1954.  The plane is off-trail and required some very intense bushwhacking to get to it.  Apparently there is an unmaintained trail that leads you there but we couldn’t find it so the two of us clawed and scratched our way through thick lichen covered pines.  The payoff was worth the effort though as the wreckage is still in relatively good condition for having spent almost 80 years on the mountain. Teddy was a champ the whole day and it seems like (fingers crossed) that he’s starting to understand my obsession with being in the mountains.  Big thanks to my friend Caroline who previously hiked this and gave me tons of invaluable info.  

If you have any questions about this hike (I have thoughts), or want to get in touch to book a Fall session (just a few dates left!), then please shoot me an email to

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