Waterworks Museum Weddings

The Waterworks Museum in Brookline  is one of my all-time favorite Massachusetts wedding venues.  I have had the pleasure of photographing there many times and the space is super unique.  

I love the huge vaulted ceilings, old brick interior, massive up-lit water pumps that provide a stunning focal point to the interior, the flexibility of the space and grounds that gives you lots of options for your event, the beautiful trees out front that flower in the spring (scroll for photographic evidence!) the location across from the picturesque Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and most importantly I love that the money you invest in your wedding venue goes to support a working museum that adds to the cultural and historical fabric of our city.  

Even if you’re not in the market for a wedding venue I encourage you to check out the Waterworks Museum, it’s a great spot to bring kids of all ages to learn about history and engineering.  I’ve brought my own son multiple times and he really enjoys it.   If you have any questions about events at the Waterworks reach out to Rebecca or shoot me an e-mail to klc@photographybyklc.com.   Enjoy some of my favorite images below from this great space.

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