On (a lack of) photo session stress!

Many years ago I moved away from trying to capture the perfectly-smiling-perfectly-coiffed-perfectly-looking-at-the-camera photos. It was just too stressful for everyone involved.  The parents were worried their kids wouldn’t behave, I worried I wouldn’t get that perfect shot, and the kids were like WTF is actually happening and why and please no.  Being a young kid, and being the parent of those children, is hard!  Your photo session with me shouldn’t feel hard - I want it to be a TRUE celebration and depiction of child and parenthood.  

So instead of forcing this awesome little bud to sit still when he clearly didn’t want to, we threw the plan into the harbor and met him where he was at.  The resulting images are relaxed and dynamic and feature a HAPPY kid - not a stressed kid being asked to sit down.

Because ultimately that is life, right? Rolling with the punches (and right now life feels generally very punchy) is the best way to make the best of any situation - find the humor, find the joy, and remember how fleeting these moments are.  This lucky family is growing very soon - I bet the new little one will have a lot of fun trying to keep up with their big brother! 

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