Kristin & Ed’s Melrose City Hall Elopement

Like I always say - the connections I make with my clients are by far the most rewarding part of my job. Ed and I know each other through social media as he was my cousin Leon’s Commanding Officer in Iraq. Leon tragically was KIA by a roadside bomb and Ed was there when it happened.  For 10+ years he has stayed closely connected to my family in an effort to honor Leon’s memory.  Or to make a long story short, Ed is clearly the best kind of man.  

I was thrilled that he asked me to be a witness to his elopement with the lovely Kristin.  Like with everything else in 2020/21 their wedding plans took many shapes and they faced many challenges before they finally decided to just make the best of it and elope.  It was a cooooold but sunny day and these two danced on  Zoom at City Hall, fed each other donuts, had a champagne toast, huddled together for warmth, and didn’t stop smiling the whole day.  What a joy it was to be there with them and what a gift to connect with such amazing humans.  Dance on, E & K.  Much love.

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