Documentary Family Photography

Friends are so important.  In life always, but especially for Teddy and I since we are a tiny family of 2 (+the animals) and we often lead a pretty solitary life which was obviously majorly compounded by the pandemic.  Our friends Jess, Mike, and their 4 kids live in Columbus Ohio and though Jess and I literally text every/all day we only get to see each other in person once every 2 years or so.  As such, they were our first necessary trip after Covid receded enough to allow travel.  We  swam in their pool, hung with the cousins, set off multiple smoke bombs, and just enjoyed being together.  Not pictured: Teddy and I in the car (and at sketchy motels and getting stared at for wearing masks by country folk) for 25 hours, about 45 servings of ice cream, 485829 lego bricks, riding jet skis (!), a few runs with Jess, about 35 cups of coffee and 2 lbs of snacks per day, riding so many bikes, a surprisingly lovely stop in Cleveland and lots and lots of love and laughs with some of my favorite people on this earth.  

And hey, I’m really proud of these images.  This fall is going to be extremely busy for me but I also very much love shooting in this true documentary style so I’m releasing only TWO documentary family shoots for the rest of 2021.  The package includes up to 3 hours of shooting, a 10x10 album, and the full set of digital images for $799 (Normally $948).  Want to grab one? Get in touch ASAP.  

MacMasters I love you endlessly, thank you for being a constant source of love and support in this ever changing (and getting worse?) world that we live in.  

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