Anli & Jason’s Boston City Hall Elopement

So this global pandemic is pretty messed up, huh?  The reality of our current situation means that wedding plans in 2020 have been affected in a huge way and I feel so badly for all my clients that are being forced to choose between cancelling, downgrading, or postponing their events.  Obviously I’ve been thinking a lot about the elopements and intimate events I’ve been invited to capture and even before Covid-19 impacted wedding options I’ve been a huge fan of smaller celebrations.  Anli and Jason’s elopement at Boston City Hall was a perfect example of how wonderful micro-weddings can be.  Simple, meaningful and complete with some dog boops.  The best day.

If your wedding plans have changed and you’re thinking about a smaller elopement get in touch!  I can help. 617-669-4884

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