Andrew & Sarah’s Crane Estate Wedding

Andrew has been a buddy from the industry for years now, so I was thrilled when he told me he had met someone and even more excited when he invited me to photograph his wedding.  Being hired by other creatives is always such an honor, but more importantly Andrew and Sarah are both warm, lovely people who value family and connection above all else.  Their wedding was unsurprisingly a super fun day that not only celebrated their current love story but the love of their family members, both present and deceased, who made them who they are today.  The Barn at the Crane Estate was stunning as always and the personalized art by Sarah’s (fairly famous) author & illustrator Dad made the day even more perfect.

As always huge heapings of gratitude to my friends for trusting me with their story.  And a big thank you to Karina for shooting with me/making me laugh all day!

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