Let's speak frankly.  Times are weird right now.  

We're approaching a year of this madness.  Most of us haven't left our homes or seen our family and friends in months, many of us have a ton of uncertainly with our careers and finances, and I bet all of us are feeling a lot of general anxiety about it all.

So, what now?

Weddings are on hold, and for the foreseeable future photography like we've known it is on hold, but our values are NOT.  

Love, family, connection, generosity, curiosity, wonder, community & kindness.  That is who we are and who we will always be.  The current state of the world just means we need to work a little harder, have a bit of ingenuity, and most importantly treat ourselves and others with grace.

Your love still exists, even if it's not being photographed right now.  

So let's plan on how we'll capture your loves and your lives when this is all over.  We'll do it together.

Click through the links below to learn more about my elopements and small event coverage, my approach to family photography (hint, it's about the small real moments, not the perfectly posed ones), and to learn more about me and why I do what I do. 

 I'm here to help you, support you and celebrate you.

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